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Positive Working Environment

Supporting Women in Animation

Supporting Young Artists

Insomnia Production values your skills and talent. We do our best to discover and support young talented artists and bring them in our productions.

It is so easy to get caught up in projects, and deadlines and create a very toxic environment.

In Insomnia Production we care about our artists and the working environment surrounding them. We want everyone to feel respected, heard, and appreciated.

We've been there. We know how hard it can be for women in the animation industry. This is why it is our mission to support and help talented and brilliant women to shine.  

Emerging Artists Educational Program

Emerging Artists Educational Program (EAEP) is a free educational program that we offer to young artists seeking industry experience and education. This is our way of contributing to art society and developing a better and healthier industry. Our production team and supervisors handpick candidates for this program and if you pass you will get an opportunity to work on smaller-scale projects and get guidance and experience. This program includes additional perks, like credits, financial compensation, and informational value.

If you wish to apply for EAEP please contact us and send over a link to your portfolio.

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